A month has passed since the last reportage. What changed? And there are a lot of changes. Work is underway on all sections of this large construction site. A few weeks ago, an updated museum with a new installation was opened for visitors, you can get acquainted with it by clicking on the 3D tour link. The construction of the inclined roof of the main building is in progress. Metal structures were manufactured at the STEELTECH plant. At all open areas, work is being carried out on paving sidewalks, restoring old granite elements and installing new memorial signs. Finishing work has already begun in the new premises. Big changes on the pedestrian bridge - the entire running surface is filled with concrete, a staircase and an elevator shaft are being mounted. The paving with a granite block continues on the lower platform. The excavation of the vertical shaft of the communication tunnel is coming to an end, this is probably the most difficult part of the work because of the groundwater.