The building of the former military commandant's office is part of a unique complex of defensive structures - "Kiev Fortress". 
This building is over 150 years old. The time has come for restoration, and this requires serious engineering measures to preserve the historical structure. First of all, you need to give it rigidity and stability. 
This is the problem that our company is solving. To strengthen the foundation we use jet piles 12 meters deep. On the outside of the building, 70 pieces of piles with a diameter of 800 ... 600 mm have already been installed. Inside-90 pcs. with a diameter of 800 mm. All piles have widening upto 1000 mm  for the existing foundation. This is the strengthening of the lower part of the building, and in the upper part we make a powerful monolithic reinforced concrete belt along the perimeter and cross beams that will fasten and unite the walls. 
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