The works on the object "Pedestrian public area near Roshen factory" are finished. Underground reinforcing measures and overground monolithic reinforced concrete structures were completed. All structures were transferred to the general contractor for finishing work. We have performed special waterproofing works. In addition to traditional waterproofing, all expansion and construction joints in concrete structures are sealed with SANPOL rubber dowels. This is an important event, given the proximity of groundwater in the floodplain of the Lybid River. 
This is how the construction site looks like on 02.12.2020. The formwork is removed and transported to the next facility. In the background you can see the "greenhouse" where the general contractor is doing the finishing work. 
This is how it looks inside. 
Our aboveground reinforced concrete structures. 
And these are underground rooms that a visitor to ROSHEN PLAZA will never see. 
Installation of equipment for fountains is already under installation.