Application result
After hardening of the cement mortar, a soil-cement structure is constructed - the volume of soil treated with cement mortar from one well, which has higher strength, deformation and anti-filtration properties.
To carry out the work, a cement mortar with W / C = 0.9-1.1 is used on M500 cement mark.
A monitor with nozzles is located at the bottom of the drilling tool. After drilling, the rod rises, delivers the mortar under a pressure of 350-500 atm and mixes the soil.
Covers almost the entire range of soils
- from gravel deposits to finely dispersed clays and silts.
Effective in strengthening foundations
- especially in dense urban areas.
Diameter of the created columns
from 0.5 m to 2.0 m at the required depth.
The jet grouting technology is used in the construction of single pile foundations, the construction and reinforcement of strip foundations and solid foundation slabs of mutually intersecting soil-cement piles.

Construction of retaining walls — to increase the stability of slopes and slopes. Anchoring weak and watered soils around underground structures under construction — to create anti-capillary horizontal waterproofing. Restoration of the continuity and water tightness of the enclosing structures, the construction of anti-seepage curtains.

Jet technology makes it possible to use reinforcing solutions that are little dependent on the properties of the soil, to obtain at the required depth zones of strengthened soil of certain sizes, shapes and qualities, to prevent the collapse of slopes, to increase the bearing capacity of piles for horizontal and vertical loads.

The advantages of jet injection technology include its cost-effectiveness, high productivity, the ability to work in cramped conditions, the absence of noise and vibrations during the work, the environmental friendliness of all technological operations, the ability to perform work in a given depth interval.