Micropiles up to 300 mm in diameter

Allows solving most of the technical problems during construction in cramped conditions in hard-to-reach areas. +38 044 300 17 71 osnova.Request calculations
Areas of use
Reinforcement of soil massifs, pile basement of new foundations of buildings, structures and strengthening of existing ones. Shut-off diaphragms (vertical geotechnical barrier), retaining walls and pit fences, elements of anti-landslide structures.
Main parameters
Diameter - up to 300 mm, length - up to 25 m (more if reasoned). Body material: fine-grained concrete, cement mortar, W / C = 0.4-0.5. Reinforcement: reinforcement cage, rolled metal (pipes, I-beams, channel bars).
They are favorably distinguished by speed, reliability and environmental friendliness of manufacture. For the installation small-sized drilling machines are used
To achieve high bearing capacity or when installing in difficult engineering and geological conditions
Micropiles can be made using a cuffed carrier injection pipe that allows for additional injection of cement mortar.
Speed, reliability and environmental friendliness of production
- the main differences in comparison with other methods of foundations strengthening.
When building in cramped urban environments, micropiles are used to create vertical geotechnical screens (separating diaphragms) to separate the foundations between existing and newly constructed buildings in order to minimize the negative impact of new construction on existing development.

In combination with ground anchors, micropiles are widely used in the construction of retaining walls or pit fences. Micropiles can also be useful in the implementation of anti-landslide measures, where they are used to create retaining walls or as dowels (inclined piles) to increase the degree of stability of slopes.

The decision to use micropiles is made based on the geotechnical conditions, the current efforts, and the conditions of work. In practice, micropiles are made with a diameter of 150 mm to 325 mm and their length is up to 25 m. In accordance with the functional purpose of a micropile, its reinforcement can be performed with a single reinforcing bar, reinforcing cage or rigid reinforcement with a rolling profile. The filling of the micropile shaft is carried out by injection of cement mortar, while the strength of the cement stone is easily achieved at 250 ... 300 kg / cm. To achieve a high bearing capacity of micropiles on the ground or when they are installed in difficult engineering and geological conditions, micropiles can be made using a supporting injection pipe with collars, which allows additional injection of cement mortar.