Background photo
Office and residential center Signature with a four-story stylobate.
Feature of technology
Using monolithic technology, both the entire house and only its supporting structures can be constructed. External walls can be made brick, foam concrete, be hinged.
Technological processes
Installation of reinforcement, formwork and scaffolding, laying and compacting of concrete mix, taking care of concrete in summer and heating it in winter, dismantling of formwork.
Several advantages:
— architects and designers have gained flexibility and freedom in making design decisions, there is an opportunity to diversify them;
— the spatial frame work of the structures made it possible to distribute the loads more evenly over the entire area of ​​the building, in comparison with the hinged support of the slabs according to the prefabricated frame scheme. This made it possible to significantly reduce material consumption in comparison with precast concrete structures. The demand for steel is reduced on average by 7-20% and for concrete by about 15%, thus reducing the cost of construction in general;
— due to the reduction of loads from the ground part of the building, a decrease in the cost of the foundation was also obtained;
— the entire production cycle is transferred to the construction site. In prefabricated housing, products are manufactured at the factory, brought to the site and assembled. In the manufacture of prefabricated structures, tolerances are laid at all technological stages, they lead to additional labor costs when finishing joints. If monolithic construction is carried out according to a clearly worked out scheme, then the construction of buildings is carried out in a shorter time. The construction process is simplified if it is possible to create a concrete assembly directly on site. Well done work eliminates the need for wet processes. Walls and ceilings are almost ready for finishing;
— monolithic construction provides an almost “seamless” construction. Thanks to this, the indicators of heat and sound insulation are increased;
— monolithic structures are more durable. If the established design life of modern panel houses is 50 years, then those built using monolithic technology are at least 100;
— with this technology, labor becomes cheaper, labor costs are carried out once;
— thanks to the modern formwork design, the construction of monolithic buildings has now become possible all year round;
— due to their technological features, monolithic houses are more resistant to the effects of man-made and other adverse environmental factors, they are more earthquake resistant.