Work types
Main advantages
Competitive quality with analogues of Soilmec, Casagrande, Bauer. New design solutions, experienced specialists, affordable price.
They are made of high-alloy steels: wear-resistant, are unbendable and resistant to shock loads,  allow drilling operations in soils of I-V categories.
Production cycle
Includes engineering design, manufacturing and multilevel quality control. And as an additional service - erection works.
State standard, GOST and Unified system of engineering drawings according to the requirements and wishes.
Drilling tools and equipment for performing pile drilling operations of any complexity. To drilling rigs of drilling and rope-impact action:
— continuous augers;
— screws for CFA with a diameter of 300 to 1000 mm;
— bucket drills with a diameter of 400 to 1500 mm;
— core drills with a diameter of 400 to 1500 mm;
— borers for bored injection and bored piles;
— chisels;
— concrete pipes.

Production of metal structures:
— columns and half-timbered houses;
— frames, beams, trusses;
— stairs, platforms and fences.