Work types
Background photography
Recreational complex in Laspi Bay - exclusive work of the coast strengthen  
Personal project center
We will design hydrotechnical facilities on the territory of Ukraine or worldwide.
Participation in international projects
With Ukrainian leading research institutes and foreign experts: the cooperation bureau of Swiss Embassy in Ukraine, Arcadis Euroconsult, consulting company (Holland).
Experience in the field
Design and support for the construction of dams, pumping stations, large-diameter water pipelines for inter-basin transfer of water resources in Tunisia and Algeria.
Design and maintenance
Construction of dams, pumping stations, large-diameter water pipelines for interbasin transfer of water resources in Tunisia and Algeria.
With Studi (Tunisia), design office, providing technical assistance for the design of dams in Senegal and Burkina Faso.
Solving the problems of hydraulic engineering at a professional level
— a full cycle of works on the construction of river and sea hydraulic structures on a turnkey basis in a short time with guaranteed quality;
— performance of certain types of construction and installation works at hydraulic facilities;
— engineering and geological surveys and laboratory research of soil properties;
— development and, if necessary, adjustment of the project in accordance with the working conditions;
— stone and earthworks for the construction of dams (excavation, high-quality embankment, drainage, rock placement of prisms and fastening of slopes);
— structures made of monolithic reinforced concrete (concrete dams, spillways, water intake structures, water supply galleries, pumping stations, bridges and culverts on highways).

Directions of hydraulic engineering
— sewage transfer facilities (large-diameter pipelines, canals and structures on them, pumping stations);
— reservoirs and ponds with a full range of necessary structures;
— anti-seepage structures, including those of the “wall in the ground” type;
— flood control systems and structures;
— anti-erosion and nature protection structures;
— bank protection of river and sea coasts;
— drainage of flooded areas;
— road culverts;
— control and measuring equipment of hydraulic structures;
— development of rules for the technical operation of hydraulic structures;
— development of tender documents for the construction of hydraulic engineering facilities.