Work types
Background photography
Oberih, medical center, is one of the largest private investment projects in the field of health care in Ukraine
Economic and social category
Economic includes transport, communications, energy and water supply. Social - objects of education, culture and health care.
Full cycle of works
Design and implementation of construction projects, contracting services and specialized works.
Supreme competence
The employees of Osnova group have mastered all existing methods of construction of artificial engineering structures.
Construction in difficult geological conditions
Among landslide areas, in mountainous areas or particularly cramped conditions.
Construction of the Buran project
Launch and landing complexes on the territory of the first and largest in the world Baikonur Cosmodrome, Kazakhstan.
Construction of transport facilities of any complexity and purpose:
— pedestrian bridges;
— road and railway bridges;
— junctions and overpasses, overpasses and viaducts;
— multi-level ground and underground parking;
— heliports and helipads of various categories with adjacent infrastructure;
— air bridges.

In our list of implementations:
— Shakhtar stadium, Donetsk (preparatory earthworks);
— passenger station complex “Darnitsa”, Kiev;
— Kiev City Heart Center;
— Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany, Kiev (General contract);
— reconstruction of the national cultural, art and museum complex “Mystetskiy Arsenal”, Kiev;
— reconstruction of the stadium at the International Children’s Center “Artek”;
— National sports complex “Olympic”, (special foundation works), Kiev;
— 2 air bridges for boarding passengers and Terminal C of the State Enterprise Boryspil International Airport, Boryspil;
— the landing strip of the International Airport “Kiev” (repair work), Kiev;
— business complex for infrastructural purposes with a helipad on the roof (total area: 23,000 m2) and an adjacent transport overpass (length — 200m), Kiev;
— helipad, Yalta;
— more than 2 dozen underground parking lots from one to four levels;
— Highways E79 (section between Debrecen and Gaidubesermen) and E573 (Nyiregygaza) (piling for bridge supports), Hungary;
— transport interchange at Sevastopolskaya square, Kiev;
— transport interchange on the street. Olena Teligi, Kiev;
— pedestrian bridge on Glory Square, Kiev.