Work types
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Products produced at Steeltech plant
Steeltech plant
8 years on the market, 250 projects, 187 workers per shift produces up to 18,000 tons of metal structures per year.
Construction from metal structures
— the most effective, fastest and least expensive construction method.
Plant equipment and machinery
— line for shot blasting of sheet and high-quality metal products;
— shot blasting chamber with adaptation for the metallization process;
— sheet joining line;
— gas-cutting machines for breaking up sheet metal;
— line for sawing and drilling, assembly and welding of beams;
— sheet processing center;
— combined press-shears for processing sheet and high-quality rolled metal;
— bandsawing machines;
— plate-bending rollers;
— unit for welding cylindrical structures;
— semiautomatic gas-shielded welding;
— machine for shape cutting of pipes;
— painting and drying chamber.

Feature List
— development of a complete package of design documentation on a modern software package;
— production of precision cutting of sheet metal using gas-flame and oxygen-plasma cutting machines;
— production of welding works using automatic, semi-automatic, electric arc welding equipment;
— control the compliance of the parameters of products (metal structures) in accordance with the requirements of GOST, DBN by the department of metrology and technical control of the plant, which includes a non-destructive testing laboratory (methods of ultrasonic, capillary and visual control);
— production of mechanized cleaning by shot-blasting methods, painting of metal structures (metal structures) in a painting-drying chamber;
— drilling and milling holes using a high-speed multi-spindle machine.