Work types
The Department of Engineering Research of Osnova LLC offers services in the field of complex engineering research. 
Engineering surveys are performed for the design of buildings of I-III importance class, including areas where dangerous geological processes and specific soils are present. 
A network of inclinometric and piezometric wells for geological and hydrogeological environment monitoring is equipped on landslides and construction sites of important structures. 
Slope stability is calculated using the latest computer software. 
«WenGeо» software is used for office analysis of field survey and laboratory data. 
Capability of the department: 
Drilling of engineering-geological wells with sampling of disturbed and undisturbed structure up to a depth of 60 m; 
Study of foundation structures and study of foundation soils; 
Manual drilling up to 10 m; 
Drilling of test pits; 
Static penetration test of soils up to a depth of 30 m; 
Dynamic testing of soils up to a depth of 30 m; 
Dynamic testing of soils according to the SPT method up to a depth of 30 m; 
Section of soil pillars; 
Drilling and fixing of hydrogeological wells; 
Execution of pumping tests and slug-in test; 
Stationary observations over groundwater regime. 
The park of drilling equipment consists of: 
DRILLMEK drilling rig based on the MERCEDES - BENZ car; 
Drilling rig "PBU-2" on the basis of the car "ZIL-131"; 
Sandeus crawler rig with suspended equipment for dynamic sounding.