Work types
The geotechnical laboratory is equipped with the modern equipment allowing to define all indicators of physical and mechanical properties of soils necessary for designing of buildings and constructions, chemical analysis of groundwater, water and hydrochloric acid soils with the assessment of aggressive properties in relation to building structures and their elements.
Qualified staff and technical capabilities of the geotechnical laboratory give the opportunity to perform tasks and provide the necessary indicators, in particular:
Indicators of water-physical properties of soils:
Density, density of dry soil, density of the mineral part of the soil;
Plastic range and index of plasticity;
Particle size distribution;
Relative swelling;
Filtration coefficient;
Organic matter content;
Content of medium and easily soluble salts;
Corrosion aggressiveness of soils in relation to various materials;
Density of sands at the most loose and dense occurrence;
Slope angle in dry and wet condition;
Indicators of mechanical properties of soils:
Deformation module;
Angle of internal friction and specific inoculation;
Relative subsidence and initial subsidence pressure;
Consolidation ratio;
Strength under plane of shear;
Strength under three-axis compression;
Pore pressure;
Unconfined compressive strength;
Humidity and swelling pressure;
Optimal humidity at maximum density.
Laboratory experiments are performed in accordance with the standards, building codes and regulations of current legislation of Ukraine. The laboratory staff is constantly improving their professional qualities by studying international experience and standards.