Work types
Engineering services
Resolving issues and consulting at the stages of technological design, construction, reengineering, production or subsequent commissioning of an enterprise.
Full responsibility at all stages of technical consultation.
Organizational and pre-design work
- at the stage of land allotment for industrial and civil construction.
Integrated design
Pre-project proposals, project, working documentation.
Technological design of construction industry enterprises
Assistance in the selection of equipment, development of pre-design solutions for the placement of an enterprise on the site, preparation of a feasibility study.
Design of engineering networks and systems of engineering support of buildings and structures
Internal water supply, water supply and sewerage (external systems and structures), electrical supply: equipment and lighting, networks and communication systems, alarms.
Preparation of tender and contract documents for design and construction works
Task statement, preliminary design stages, detailed designs, working documentation.
Construction technical support
Formation of technical specifications, preliminary selection of equipment, development of an investment project, organization of construction work, commissioning, start-up of production, production licensing, product certification.